AI solutions to increase efficiency and productivity in building operations



Symvio works with building owners, operators and facility managers to increase efficiency and productivity of technical operations

Automated detection and diagnostics of operational anomolies enables higher quality assurance in buildings to guarantee user comfort, higher energy efficiency and fault free building services.

Our solution,

  • is ready for use from day one, requiring minimal setup efforts
  • can adapt to evolving user and building requirements with continuous learning and integration of your feedback
  • generates best-in-class long-term quality of our analysis

Less unscheduled maintenance

Less utility consumption

Less user complaints

Better maintenance and spare parts planning

Faster reaction times

Better occupant experience


1. Provide Symvio with access to existing data from your building

We can start by using whatever data you already have.


2. Symvio analyzes your data

We use advanced AI concepts that can integrate your feedback to guarantee the long term quality of our analysis


3. Symvio gets back to you with initial findings and recommendations for optimization

Increase your efficiency and reduce operational costs