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Real data insights for managing spaces of sustainable and productive living — for every building owner and operator

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We are a group of technologists and designers that are driven to build simple solutions that solve real problems for facility services providers. We believe in constant change, we are observers, listeners and playful learners

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Frequently asked Questions

How is Symvio different from a building automation system

Building automations systems control what a specific equipment system is doing and they execute precise instructions. Symvio continuously monitors building equipment across systems and is ensuring that instructions are optimal.

How is Symvio different from an energy management system

Symvio is focused on optimizing building operations. Energy management is an important part of this, however our scope is much larger and also includes e.g., maintenance & repair.

What type of data does Symvio require

Symvio can work with all relevant data points that are linked to building equipment, such as consumption data, inlet and outlet temperatures for a specific equipment, valve positions, status signals etc. Symvio does not have to install additional sensors in the building, Symvio works with the data that is available from the Building Automation and Control System / Buidling Management System.

How do you access data

Symvio can access data directly via your existing Building Automation System / Building Management System (BMS). Symvio can either directly access the BMS via a gateway or retrieve data via ftps/https server connection.

Does Symvio control my building

Symvio is not an automation or control system, Symvio does not directly control your buidling. Symvio guides the people that are in charge of a building with recommendations on how and where to act to achieve your objectives.

How does Symvio ensure recommendations are being implemented

The Symvio team works closely with clients to ensure insights and recommendation lead to actions. We support you to develop strategies so that your targets are being met. Symvio can also install.

What types of buildings is Symvio being used on?

Symvio works with all main properties types; offices, industrial, hospitality and retail spaces.

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